• Symptoms Of Exam Stress

    "Trust me, you will have atleast one ground-breaking world-changing revolutionary brainwave exactly coinciding with the start of your next test series. Aslo, be rest assured that the brainwave is going down the drain the moment your final paper is over."

    You know your exams are nearby when you experience one or more of these symptoms....

    1. Escapism:
    a. Sleep
    b. Gaming, movies, chatting
    c. Things that you’ve always wanted to do and had put off for later
    d. ideas, brainwaves (unrelated to subject of course), plans of sorcery(!)
    e. Sudden desire to do something irrelevant, eg. Install a new game or start a new TV Series
    f. Procrastination
    g. Future plans- after exam/long term
    2. Headache, neck ache, fever, upset stomach
    3. Over-eating: sugar, fat food excess
    4. Loneliness
    5. Depression, general low feeling, loss of confidence
    6. Arguments with family and friends
    7. Comparison with peers
    8. Erratic timings, undersleep/oversleep
    9. Illusions of love, increased dependence on close ones, sudden development of crushes and relationships
    10. Disillusionment tow life, questioning the basics
    11. The blame game: power, profs, food, exam timing etc
    12. Increase in levels of coffee, smoking
    13. Desperation: feeling that all is lost
    14. Desperate attempts to study- experimentation, eg. Meditation, speed reading course
    15. Development of absolute hatred towards subject
    16. Development of hatred toward life in general
    17. Sudden development of interest in a subject- contemplation of PhD in the field

    I'm sure you'd agree to a few of these, if not all. It's okay people, its just natural. Lite lo!

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