Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Some Random PS experiences

Ojas Mehta
Ok, i shall attempt to write now.. (hardly) without feeling the need to be compelled to write technically and politically correct.
Its been terribly long i've written in any form really; so yeah, if you're evaluating me, get lost.
I am in the midst of a (grueling) Practice School 1 industrial training program (grueling due to heat alone).. a time in every BITSian's life where he/she gets "industrial exposure". My industry..... is Birla Museum, in Pilani campus itself... life is pretty close to what it was during regular college.. just a new campus, a few new chicks, an attendance criterion.. and some other shit that i can't or won't remember.
The days are pretty hectic actually, the time except that which we spend th the museum. in the museum- yeah we have plenty to do- play cards or chess or free cell, or watch movies or football videos, or play bingo (yes, that's right) and even name place animal thing (not me though).. as one can see the schedule is pretty tight. our assignments have been 1. make a report on all the exhibits you have seen, 2. greet new visitors at the help-desk, show them around.. and then maintain a database of it.. top notch stuff eh..
oh btw... our museum's not a conventional collection of dinosaur fossils and a load of dust.. nah this one is more like the Nehru Science Center in Mumbai, it's a collection of contemporary engg/sci/tech practices.. pretty decent place to visit if you have absolutely nothing to do... NOT a great place to do PS at... ah but then, PS has never been an adrenaline-rush kinda thing anyway.
so well.. without deviating further.. (what's the point anyway?) our project is decent- well, according to contemporary society standards it is.. a micro controller based heart rate meter... nah its nowhere close to as complicated as it sounds... and yes, they're gonna install it in the museum... just in case someone faints in the heat, or just of general shock of gradual disappointment of the place. who are we five pointers to complain anyway?
right then, MuC is something neither me nor my "partner" manvir know too much about (ah, yes, manvir himself) But its okay... he keeps getting new ideas how to build on our project, make it more impossible than it already is... like add an LCD display to it, or make it on an embedded system instead of MuC.. one must know- i suck at MuP, MuC and everything that has the alphabet signifying the refractive index... and at techie shit in general.. besides, i'm not overjoyed at having this project.. but oh, what the hell, i'll do it anyway.
right then. this formally marks the end of my typing patience. i shall write again soon (or maybe never- thing are always more fun when they're unpredictable anyway)
untill then... may you rot in hell.