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About: Happiness

The Existentialist is an extension of About:Happiness, committed to helping our clients lead richer, fuller, happier, more meaningful, more fulfiling lives. We help you find your answers to age old questions like:

What's my life purpose? 90%
How can I be truly happy? 70%
How do I become my best self? 95%
What's my role in the the world? 60%

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  • Swarm Intelligence

    Swarm Intelligence

    Have you ever considered it embarrassing, even shameful, to walk to the garbage can and dump your glass of Coke when you're "chillin" out' with friends. It just doesn't fit with the definition of cool, does it? Its just so much more hep to just fling it on the pathway; and if it's an empty bottle, its sooo cool to kick it far, show off some football skills.

    Ever taken a smoke just 'cause everyone around's doing it too. You wouldn't wanna be an outcast, would you. Who cares about parents, they can't see you here now can they. Besides, its the coolest thing to do on earth... just look at all the Hollywood celebs smokin' away to glory; hell its a style statement, it might even serve as the perfect stimulus for that exxxtra effort or that groundbreaking brainwave that you're about to have, that will set you apart from the rest.

    Ever made up with a guy/gal just because everyone around has one too? Ah you don't care how much time or money or your soul you're losing... social recognition is everything. Being alone just isn't an option, its not cool, you see! Doesn't it just give so much of security to be like everyone else, so damn difficult to move away from the crowd and use your own brains eh. Afterall, we live in a society.

    We've always heard about "those" success stories of a few people who "just had things going in their favor." Of course, we want to be like them- rich and successful and famous and different from the rest, just like them (!) but then we're not all that fortunate, now are we. We have sucky professors, sucky mess food, study in a sucky college, and maybe we don't have ideal support/inspiration from our parents, maybe we haven't had that visionary mentor who opened our eyes forever. No no, we're just normal... besides, its soo cool to be normal.

    People hate it when you say everybody's the same. Matter of fact, an integral part of our cultural conditioning is to "believe" that everyone's is different, everyone's unique, just like everyone else. Truth is - everyone's the same. All, but a meager few that one could count with his fingers.. if he could.

    Heck, we even go give our papers for recheck, try and get a few more marks, just because the whole LT is doing the same thing. Something 'might' get increased, says a friend, and seemingly, that's way too much peer pressure to retaliate. How about attending class and sitting on the last bench, when there is no attendance criterion. Why would you waste precious hours of your life in classes when you don't give shit about what the guy's trying to teach. Butt... its so overwhelmingly cool just to sit on the last bench and ask doubts and try to screw the prof, or just make fun of him or draw caricatures, maybe play a game of good ol' X-and-0 (we're all six year olds afterall)... and the coolest thing of all - write on benches. That's the mecca of cool, that.... etches your name in the annals of bits-pilani history, it gives you legend status. The more sarcastic, the better. The more abuses to the prof, the cooler. Oh, and its very cool to join the same CAT classes that the whole batch has joined, its waay better than trying to study on your own. 13.5k is hardly a price for the invaluable 'quality time' you get to spend with your best friends in class.

    And then people say BITS Goa sucks. Kindly go get a life in Goa Engineering College
  • I give a damn about Eight Academy Awards

    I give a damn about Eight Academy Awards

    Is it a landmark achievement, or is it something we should have won a long time back. Are we supposed to feel patriotic for a movie that was not even made for Indian audiences? Is this the right time to make more movies 'tailormade' for Hollywood, or is it time when we show the finger to our auto-plagiarists Mr. Akshay Kumar, Mr. Shahrukh I-Am-The-Most-Charming-Man-In-The-World Khan and Miss Cute-And-Bubbly Katrina Kaif. Isnt this the time that we finally get over our obsession of producing and watching unrealistic and intellectually retarding comedy/romance and get down to making some real movies. And God, can we please get rid of Mr Reshammiya, Mr Anu Malik and Miss hot and spicy Rakhi Sawant. You're only fooling yourselves people- get out of the loop for once.

    Hell yes, Academys/Oscars are one of the most sane award ceremonies, but don't you still have Stacy Ferguson and Yoyoyo 50 cent performing for those, not to forget the 'men' - Enrique Iglesias, Justin Timberlake... you get the point. Hollywood is full of shit too. Why do we have to look for social recognition from the country where every one out of two marriages ends in divorce.

    India shining or India whining - certainly dont let it be India DontCare. We're a great nation, and boy is it high time we got our shit going in the right direction. Did anyone realize there was not ONE bit of inspirational content in that multilingual-multinational-multi award winning movie. Nothing, zero, zilch. Pure DRAMA - the world loves it. How about something that you can take home at the end of the movie, that you could apply in your pointless life, and actually make a difference in the perma-stagnant status-quo

    I cant rant about this forever, i got work to do. They've tried really hard, and they've got so far.... but we still have some brains left in us. Dont look for a switch to turn you on, you're not a digital circuit. Dont kid yourself. Wake up people, there's work to do.

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