Saturday, 21 March 2009


Ojas Mehta
Millions of people die everyday, hungry of affection, attention or even recognition.
The comfortably numb society is on a world take-over spree.
The gravitational pull decreases everyday, every second.
“blind” is the latest fashion trend- that people can’t see anyway.
Entropy is a form of currency.
Freedom is taboo, slavery’s pop.
It’s a loss to both, the devil and angel.
Exception and acceptance have parted ways.
Hitler and Teresa are in disbelief and dismay.
Peter keating is our new superhero.
The earth is firm on its foundations, how I wish it would crumble.
The chaos generates a low grade silence, that deafens beyond repair.
Life is a chess game with the outcome same for both, if only it went to a penalty shootout.

So have a good drown, as you go down………
All alone… dragged down by the stone.

The Question Again

Ojas Mehta
What are we here for again? Moreover, where did that vision of whatever we are supposed to do go that we started updating and watching Google Talk messages? The society today is becoming weaker by the day. Weaker in the sense that we depend on each other more with every passing moment, and the depravation from human contact even for a couple of minutes is beginning to become a dark, scary prospect that nobody seems to want to explore. Whether its going together for classes, or to eat or to play a game or sport or finish an assignment, the world is being pulled, literally, to doing it with each other. Even in their most alone moments, people today are chatting on Gtalk or abusing each other on DC. I admit that my life and observations are limited to BITS-Pilani, Goa ONLY as of now, but isn’t the same applicable elsewhere too? We are getting more and more used to being in the comfort of other people (when a bit of introspection would reveal it is not a comfortable state of being at all).

I have never had a problem with human interaction. In an ideal society, it IS the way forward, as it facilitates sharing of ideas and helps dissemination of ideas and distribution of workload; but surely what we’re making out of society today isn’t what it was meant to be. Its fast turning into a recluse from reality, an excuse for escapism from work, and a reinforcement of perceived normalcy in a rapidly degenerating civilization from its ideal trajectory.

Human life is certainly not meant to be JUST sharing of feelings (and not ideas), sharing of mutual cozy warmth due to cancellation of external disturbance, and most certainly not the supposed progress of the human race at the cost of all other races, and the environment and the rest of the universe, really. Everybody knows (though many choose not to remind themselves) that nobody knows why we are here, or what this “ideal trajectory” really is. How about spending some more time trying to figure that out, instead of jacking off to the latest pop diva or getting wasted on perversely cultivated weeds.

It is in order to say here that SOME institutions have in fact taken steps to this measure – finding out the bigger picture – namely science and religion/spirituality. These two schools roughly over the course of the last two millennia have literally catfought each other in hope of emerging as the sole authority. Ironically, prior to two millennia, they walked hand in hand and actually tried to move toward an answer. There were no states back then, no supreme court and certainly no swarm intelligence (though the human has always threatened to move toward that very eventuality). Then came Jesus Christ, or did he? Over the course of time, (at the cost of the ever-vulnerable general public) two separate schools emerged – and tried to suppress each other at every stage, completely conscious of the lethality of the other one. There was a time when religion dominated, when science tried to fir itself into the bible’s scheme of things; now its science on top and religion tries to justify itself scientifically! Enter spirituality, an underhand ally to religion- though at the surface they constantly pretend to snub each other; thus giving the perception of healthy competition, and seemingly increasing the choices of common man. Some of the ancestors of these various religious/spiritual bodies (if they actually existed) must even have got it right, but over the years and subjected to corrupt conditioning, practically all these schools have lost their true essence.

What not many have realized until today though, is that science and religion are essentially two opinions, rather two angles of seeing the same ‘real’ picture. I am convinced reality is one and one only. Traced to its roots, one would find both these bodies talking about the same truth, describing the same components of the bigger picture in their respective languages and perspectives.
Nonetheless, we must look beyond. Our eyes may not be showing us everything we ought to see, our mind may or may not be able to understand everything that’s going on; but in the light of present day social antics, our ability to see, feel and judge have surely deteriorated, if not lost forever.

We have seen with humans though, in the limited way we can see, that (in our domain of concern, at least) nothing is impossible; and that there is no perfectionism (a contradiction right there, a thing to ruminate on, later), nothing like glory or bust – only progress. This can only give us hope (hope being the sickest creation of humans yet, yet being an essential and invaluable asset), and hope is the basis on which humanity survives, it’s the driving force that allows us to wake up the next day and look forward to a better future. There is no denying we are in a mess, but I am sure somewhere in the depths of our depression shall we find the answer we have gone looking for across the galaxy and beyond. The best way out of shit is through it; embrace complexity, and symmetry shall emerge from within.

Thursday, 5 March 2009

Going Solo

Ojas Mehta
<7even> Hello, ladies! I'm Soumyadeep aka 7even. I'm a straight-forward guy with a terrific sense of humour and a working pair of feet. I'm interested in attending the Salsa Workshop, but only if I have the company of a sweet charming lady - someone just like you. So, if you are interested, do PM me!

An extremely abominable but true situation for some 1000 guys in campus (200 are going out with the 200 girls in campus, 500 dont care and 200 like each other). The lonelines and insecurity among the single (and fast getting desperate) guys just escalates every day, every sem, with seemingly no hope for gratification in the near future. Its on days like valentine's day, Salsa workshops and DJ nights when this hopelessness really goes overboard, and climaxes into depression, cynicism, envy or even pure hatred. They (we) are constantly eyeing the fifty odd girls (i wouldn't call them chicks/babes) in campus that are still single, having fancied EACH one of them. The expectations of all these 1k people peaks during our ingenius (?) fests, a new hope to score a potential hot chick from another college (afterall, it ALWAYS happens in movies)

It's downright sick, and yet understandable, that guys meticulously gather and compile a collection of BITSian babes, or Babes in Waves. There are people in them, fellow humans, who deserve a right to life and freedom to roam around without the risk of being photographed and fantasized about.

Its high time we got over ourselves (our mutating hormones, really) and decided to move on and do
some fruitful work instead of cribbing at our lack of romantic prospects in this campus. We are, afterall, BITSians who are, all said and done, the cream of the country. Don't waste your talent (idaresay) friends, you are all capable of some really good shit. This eternal craving just aint the right way to spend time.
Karm karo, phal zaroor milega. For now, Lets enjoy WAVES!