Thursday, 5 March 2009

Going Solo

<7even> Hello, ladies! I'm Soumyadeep aka 7even. I'm a straight-forward guy with a terrific sense of humour and a working pair of feet. I'm interested in attending the Salsa Workshop, but only if I have the company of a sweet charming lady - someone just like you. So, if you are interested, do PM me!

An extremely abominable but true situation for some 1000 guys in campus (200 are going out with the 200 girls in campus, 500 dont care and 200 like each other). The lonelines and insecurity among the single (and fast getting desperate) guys just escalates every day, every sem, with seemingly no hope for gratification in the near future. Its on days like valentine's day, Salsa workshops and DJ nights when this hopelessness really goes overboard, and climaxes into depression, cynicism, envy or even pure hatred. They (we) are constantly eyeing the fifty odd girls (i wouldn't call them chicks/babes) in campus that are still single, having fancied EACH one of them. The expectations of all these 1k people peaks during our ingenius (?) fests, a new hope to score a potential hot chick from another college (afterall, it ALWAYS happens in movies)

It's downright sick, and yet understandable, that guys meticulously gather and compile a collection of BITSian babes, or Babes in Waves. There are people in them, fellow humans, who deserve a right to life and freedom to roam around without the risk of being photographed and fantasized about.

Its high time we got over ourselves (our mutating hormones, really) and decided to move on and do
some fruitful work instead of cribbing at our lack of romantic prospects in this campus. We are, afterall, BITSians who are, all said and done, the cream of the country. Don't waste your talent (idaresay) friends, you are all capable of some really good shit. This eternal craving just aint the right way to spend time.
Karm karo, phal zaroor milega. For now, Lets enjoy WAVES!

Ojas Mehta

Author & Editor

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