Monday, 23 February 2009

I give a damn about Eight Academy Awards

Is it a landmark achievement, or is it something we should have won a long time back. Are we supposed to feel patriotic for a movie that was not even made for Indian audiences? Is this the right time to make more movies 'tailormade' for Hollywood, or is it time when we show the finger to our auto-plagiarists Mr. Akshay Kumar, Mr. Shahrukh I-Am-The-Most-Charming-Man-In-The-World Khan and Miss Cute-And-Bubbly Katrina Kaif. Isnt this the time that we finally get over our obsession of producing and watching unrealistic and intellectually retarding comedy/romance and get down to making some real movies. And God, can we please get rid of Mr Reshammiya, Mr Anu Malik and Miss hot and spicy Rakhi Sawant. You're only fooling yourselves people- get out of the loop for once.

Hell yes, Academys/Oscars are one of the most sane award ceremonies, but don't you still have Stacy Ferguson and Yoyoyo 50 cent performing for those, not to forget the 'men' - Enrique Iglesias, Justin Timberlake... you get the point. Hollywood is full of shit too. Why do we have to look for social recognition from the country where every one out of two marriages ends in divorce.

India shining or India whining - certainly dont let it be India DontCare. We're a great nation, and boy is it high time we got our shit going in the right direction. Did anyone realize there was not ONE bit of inspirational content in that multilingual-multinational-multi award winning movie. Nothing, zero, zilch. Pure DRAMA - the world loves it. How about something that you can take home at the end of the movie, that you could apply in your pointless life, and actually make a difference in the perma-stagnant status-quo

I cant rant about this forever, i got work to do. They've tried really hard, and they've got so far.... but we still have some brains left in us. Dont look for a switch to turn you on, you're not a digital circuit. Dont kid yourself. Wake up people, there's work to do.

Ojas Mehta

Author & Editor

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