• Some good ones

    Here's a compilation of some brilliant Rajni one liners. Happy Birthday to him!

    • Rajnikant gets a 230 Volt o/p from IC741
    • Rajnikant's Windows has never crashed
    • Rajni can perform Ac analysis on a Dc signal
    • Rajnikant wrote his autobiography. IEEE published it
    • Rajnikant once installed Vista on 8051.
    • Rajnikant can extract electricity from ground
    • Rajni is free of Harmonic content
    • Pick: Rajnikant can interface 100 64K rams with a single 2-4 address decoder
    • Rajnikant can give headshots with a knife
    • Rajnikant doesn't play counterstrike bcoz he once died in the hands of Jaffa.
    • Rajnikant raped Henri Lansbury in FIFA
    • Rajnikant plays CS with touchpad
    • Rajni said enough... United started losing.
    • Pick: Rajnikant gave Cristiano Ronaldo acting lessons.
    • Rajnikant is the only Titan admin on Wodstock
    • Rajnikant can listen to Meet Radio (!)
    • Rajnikant kicked Autobot, and Titan still remained.
    • Rajnikant downloaded a decent TV series on Titan
    • Pick: Rajnikant can get invisible slots from Sunsilk
    • Someone complained to rajnikant about excessive dogs and lack of faculty on campus. We now have Hutch-Dog (you know who :P )
    • DOSM uses Rajni's name to get spons for Quark
    • Rajnikant can access this blog from outside campus :D
    • Rajnikant taught ES2 to Nagrath and Kothari.
    • Rajnikant can eat mess food.
    • BITS Pilani was initially called RITS Pilani
    • Rajnikant is the Invisible proest guy on Dojma poll
    • Rajnikant asked whats DISCO ... they renamed DISCO as fees.
    • Rajnikant watches p**n on campus net
    • Rajni has stayed awake for one full EIIT class
    • Rajnikant is 2000 Batch passout from BITS-Goa
    • Pick: Rajnikant got his prize money for Quark 2009
    • Rajnikant is the only student of Jeppiar who kissed a girl and didn't get a sem drop
    • Rajni can speak braille
    • Rajni can have a threesome with one chick
    • Rajnikant broke himesh's nose.
    • Rajnikant has counted to infinity... twice. I lose concentration at 69 :(
    • Pick: Rajnikant cut down on his tips last year. The cause of recession is unknown
    - Courtesy Direct Connect Plus Plus, RITS-Pilani, Goa

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