Sunday, 31 May 2009

A helping hand

I guess it okay, once in a while, to just lay back and enjoy the proceedings around you. Every now and again, something happens that reminds you that the world is, eventually, a good place, and the primary human feeling is happiness and love; not hatred, fear, jealousy, guilt or its byproducts. Little acts of genuine generosity by people; glimpses of natural beauty are good enough for the cynical marathon runner to stand by, smile, relax just that wee bit, and begin running again. This last paragraph is actually a justification for appreciation of beauty, an indicator of the extent to which man today has become business oriented selfish minded.
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On that note I shall embark upon my topic, which is – selfless help; when you need it the most. It’s the true identifier of a friend, when applied as a test for that, and well; when strangers out of the way decide to help you – that’s your sign, your morale booster you needed on your quest to make this world a better place, to make a difference in more than a grandmother sort-of way. It is a sign that people are in fact good at heart; some of them at least. It comes as a huge elation and relief to know that that drives people eventually is good; and god is one – it is neither selfish nor selfless; it is rather symbiotic. It also reminds you of a very important basic law: that two heads work better than one; that society is, in fact, the way ahead for humanity. What has been made in the name of society is admittedly grave, but presently irrelevant; nevertheless, what matters is: there is hope.
Hope is arguably the biggest indulgence of a human, and a human by definition is imperfect, implying flawed.
Indulgences can easily be considered precisely the things that make man human, and hence imperfect. It is the indulgence and the consequent desire of the indulgences that create all suffering. A lot of our daily fads, fancies, wants and needs are ultimately indulgences – from addiction to drinks, drugs & gaming, to material desires, to the need to be loved. I believe hope is the biggest indulgence. Hope gives no guarantee of the future, no realistic material gains whatsoever. All the same, such is the irony of existence, that hope is, in fact, the pillar on which society stands at its most vulnerable, most needy hour. Hope is that imaginary force, whereby men live, whereby men soldier on, whereby men make possible the things that could only be hoped of.
And hence I say, that there is hope carries great significance, gives us renewed energy and strength, and makes our battles that little bit easier to fight, an invisible ally, impotent in material power, but infinitely powerful in moral empowerment.
Isn’t it great sign to see that old, seemingly unimportant friend help you out monetarily, physically or psychologically, when you need it the most, when all other doors have been shut on your face (including your so-called trusted friends) and all other hope lost. It is probably a greater joy to see, in the midst of a stranger crowd, someone coming out and helping out, just when you thought you’re about to be broken, just when you thought all was lost. That is the feeling of receiving timely human help, something I experienced today. It revitalizes your philosophy of live, renews your belief in people, and makes you want to help others in turn. The world is, after all, not about power and money and success – existence is fueled by love.

PS: I twisted my ankle while getting off the train today. Ligament tear, no fracture. And yes, the people on the platform were great, very helpful.

Ojas Mehta

Author & Editor

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