Saturday, 24 October 2009

Last Stand

Ojas Mehta
Forgive me this one time, this wont happen again
I wont let my thoughts run free, the way they would
I wont let my desires fuel, the way they once did
And then again, and then again

I wont dream of having your body in my arms, again
Your slender figure, your delicate curves, your smooth skin, your anxious moulds
I wont long to see the crystal gleam in your eyes
Your eyes............................
I wont dream of your moist lips on mine
The sweet summer taste of honey and lime
I wont ache to smell your bountiful tresses
Or stroke my crude hands over your tantalizing silken mane
The strands of strength will be mine no more
O, Where will I hide without the cosy shelter of your hair
I wont crave for your reassuring gentle touch
That still sends scintillating shivers down my spine

I wont…. Ask you to be my princess, my whore
My one, my only, my heart, my soul
I wont desire again to be your man
Your savior, your hero, your master, your owner
I wont ever again be your fortress against infiltrators
And the infiltrator of your fortress…

So please forgive me now, love
Forgive me this one time, for this wont happen again
Never again…..
……..but tonight.

Dedicated to my long forgotten love