• Love

    People (one person in particular, hope you're listening lawyer) have often displayed reluctance, even despise in using the three magic words. In keeping with the Valentine's spirit, i've compiled the following lines to remind ourselves of our sweet ol' emotion, in anticipation of a "warmer" tomorrow.

    I Love you

    Because love has no reason, no rhyme,
    no season, no time

    Because love is blind...
    and makes the world go round... and round

    Because love is right, true and beautiful
    The purest, richest emotion man can feel
    The ability to love is man's greatest virtue.
    To be loved, his greatest gift

    Because love breeds trust and faith, hope and belief
    Love is.. that whereby men live
    It engenders the noblest of man's spirit
    And makes the impossible, possible

    Because love transcends space and time...
    And brings people and nations together
    Love brings happiness and joy to the world
    The epitome of life and youth

    Because love is free for all, with no taxes or hidden costs
    Free as the air...

    Because love is in the air... and contagious too!
    So lets end with a rhyme, and say I love you.

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