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The Existentialist is an extension of About:Happiness, committed to helping our clients lead richer, fuller, happier, more meaningful, more fulfiling lives. We help you find your answers to age old questions like:

What's my life purpose? 90%
How can I be truly happy? 70%
How do I become my best self? 95%
What's my role in the the world? 60%

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  • Possible Worlds: An Interpretation

    Possible Worlds: An Interpretation

    (Warning: The following review contains spoilers. Please watch the movie before reading this. For an introduction, read my post HERE)

    George Barber is a mathematical genius that works in a corporate firm. Due to his psychic abilities, he can 'see' himself simultaneously living out his life in parallel universes. In each of the possible worlds exists Joyce, playing different roles in George's life (a dead wife, a casual partner and a stranger).

    At the beginning of the movie, George is found murdered with his brain extracted. Detective Berkeley and his sidekick try to investigate this crime throughout the film. This is interspersed with flashbacks of George's different lives.

    In the end, the detectives figure that Doctor Kleber, a brain scientist murdered George so he could study and manipulate his brain. George's brain, still 'alive' and fundamentally conscious is brought back to Joyce.
    In the last scene, George's brain simulates a romantic evening at the seaside with Joyce. Here he notices some strange blinking light (the light flashing on the brain apparatus) in the distance, and asks Joyce if they should do something about it. After a while, the blinking stops (when Joyce turns off the brain's life support system) and the movie ends.

    Now, it is known that Kleber collects intelligent human brain to study them, and he probably got to know about George during their interview in the mental hospital. But is that all, or are all the scenes relived by George actually mental simulations, artificially created after he was killed?

    Also,in the 'life' where George met Kleber, he had attacked the 'stranger' Joyce. But then, after he was killed, Joyce lamented the loss of her husband.

    I will admit I didn't understand the movie entirely, and I hope thats my shortcoming, and not a conceptual flaw of the film. Any comments?

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