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    You are the highest of highs
    You are the reward of my toil

    You are the untouchable
    You are the insurmountable
    You are unprotected, and thus indestructible

    You are the epitome of the human spirit
    Yet you're only human
    That's what makes you supreme

    You are the promise land... the dream destination...
    You're always the goal, yet always unattained

    You're the light at the end of the tunnel
    Always in sight, but always far away

    If only I could have you...
    I would be redeemed of my sins
    I would be immortal
    I would be alive........

    If only I could.

    You're the frail beauty that perishes when possessed
    But I would never know

    You're the angel's voice in despair
    that I have never heard

    You're my saviour, my guiding spirit
    The twilight of eternal youth
    The elixir of life

    So I'd like to believe

    You're the love of my life
    You're a figment of my imagination

    I'm trapped in a loop of my own hope
    That would never manifest, and never die.

    You are the absolute
    You're too good to be real
    If only you were real
    Are you?

    But I must believe in you
    To preserve the integrity of everything I stand for.

    For you are the culmination of my faith
    My only surviving hope.....

    Before I find out otherwise.

    "How can you ignore my faith in everything
    When I know what Faith is, and what it's worth"
    -Steve Harley (Make Me Smile)

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