Tuesday, 25 October 2011


Ojas Mehta
Its vitally important to capture the moment when you can. I feel great right now, and know well I might not tomorrow. But its okay. I'm happy, I'm tranquil, and I can live a good chunk of my life right now. And hopefully, if I keep the momentum up, I'll be fine for a while. That's all that matters in life after all, living the moments and living up to them. During the off times, you build yourself up to life FOR the moments, in the past and the ones to come in the future. Life's not too big, a collection of a few moments is what define eras, some better and some longer than others. Its a constant fluctuation, momentary ups and downs that, averaged out make a zero sum game, or if you're lucky have an up slope. You are what you make out of yourself, and the situations around you. The best you can do is your best, and hope to have a good time along the way. Nothing else matters.

People come and go, experiences happen, memories remain. There's not much more to it. When an era ends, the best you can do is let it go, and move on in search of new adventures. The world's population just crossed seven billion. How many have you covered?

Oh man, it doesn't matter. All that matters is being happy and living a good life.