• Swing When You're Winning

    Listen man  you've got to swing when you're winning
    When the moment feels right
    You've got to capitalise
    When you feel the fabric of the universe laid bare
    You must identify it's every detail, learn every groove, feel the intricacy
    When you feel the force of life gushing through your veins
    You've got to let it run wild and guide you, become you, let loose
    When you feel the animal unleash,
    you must let it find it's prey.

    It's ok to feel strong
    It's ok to feel powerful
    It's ok to feel invincible
    It's ok to win
    Man, when the moment comes, you must be willing to let it in.

    You may stand tall enough
    ...and find the world crumbling below you
    You may find the world bow at your feet
    Don't fear, don't retaliate
    Just feel your fear, your energy
    Let your passions breathe.....

    Swing when you're winning,
    it's not going to happen all the time
    cease the moment when it's yours
    etch it into your memory, feed the ego
    replenish your soul with the world's bounty
    fill yourself up for the next drought
    cause you wont be swingin forever
    tomorrow will be tough.

    (Title inspired by a Robbie Williams album)


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