• Supreme

    Filling itself in a loop, I go and come inside and outside of myself
    I am complete
    I belong
    I have home
    I will always have home (I believe)
    I don't need to fight anymore, or to prove
    I am not ashamed, guilty, afraid
    I am in harmony
    I feel the fabric of the universe.... gliding through my fingers, gently flowing across my body, and sometimes hurriedly.
    I feel rested and resting. Vitalised, full of energy but relaxed, that I could sleep
    I would rather savour awakening than sleep
    Right now life is worth living, experiencing, goals worth achieving. The reward feels real aand tangible.
    I might be able to access alternate dimensions while being here.
    Today I could even get enlightened.
    Today anything is possible, and everything is ok
    Today I feel royal love
    Love is the elixir of life, the fountain of youth and vitality
    Someone has finally open the door to my love
    I can now love myself as much as I can love her
    I can be free
    In this moment, everything is ok
    You have a right to be happy
    Everything is so comfortable, effortless
    Everything I do right now must be right
    I can hardly fail
    The pieces fit exactly. The contraption works.
    It's a miracle but it's true. It's hard to be in disbelief for too long but it's just so good to be true.
    I wonder if this might just end like another manic phase, but I daresay I believe this time it can last.
    This one is for me. This is my time of glory, my 15 eons of fame. Everybody gets a chance to manifest the life of their dreams, and I have taken my chance with aplomb.
    I am right, I am good, I am the best. Even if I'm not it's okay, because I know I will be backed all the way.
    Nothing I do can ever be absolutely wrong again
    I still want to win, but now I can't possibly lose

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