Sunday, 6 October 2013


It flows through you, inside and out... everything in between
it's warm, sometimes hot
it gushes, flows, churns
This warmth could melt anything in it's way
Oh this heat will burn my insides away
This must be love

No I haven't felt this before
I'm nervous but not scared
I'm anxious but not tense
I'm gasping but not breathless
I'm writhing but not hurt
This must be love

I feel purged, cleansed
redeemed, resurrected
fresh, rejuvinated
bright, incandescent
captivated, overwhelmed
This must be love

Logic doesn't make sense
But I don't care
I'm feel at home far away from home
Home now could be anywhere
There's no stopping us now
This must be love

I'm defenseless, I choose not to fight
I don't feel the need to hide
I'm not guilty, I'm not afraid
I'm ready for whatever lies ahead
This must be love

The fluid of life runs through my veins
A perfect synchrony in my heart and head
Yes this must be love, Ness... and it's for you
You make me want to be my best.

Ojas Mehta

Author & Editor

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